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I love to code. And I love to talk about code.

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Test Post

Introductions Are In Order

For starters, I am not new to blogging. I have quit blogging many times in the past. This is perhaps my 3rd or 4th attempt. Consider this like a revival of a revival of a revival.

Whatcha bloggin bout?

My background is in .NET. So you’ll definitely find posts about C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, .NET Core, F#, Fake, and any other random .NET library that may catch my interest.

Recently I’ve been trying to get more into front-end web development. So there’s bound to be stuff about Angular, TypeScript, and Node.js too. Right now I’m getting my feet wet with the MEAN stack (I know… I’m such a laggard).

Then of course there’s this whole micro-service trend that I’m wrapping my head around as well.

So yeah… I’m gonna be all over the map. I’m a very “Oooh shiny!” kind of person. I love to get into what’s new and fascinating.


There are a few other topics I may end up blogging about too. Things like Git, Jekyll, Cmder, LINQPad, Slurpees, and stupid stuff Chad said. So, lace up your shoes, pull on your hats, and prepare yourself for some nerdguments!